5 Tips to Win That Bidding War with Financing

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Tips for Coming Out on Top in a Bidding War. How do you win when there are multiple offers on the home you love? The real estate market is always shifting and now is no exception. While there was a period not too long ago when buyers tended to have the upper hand, most markets are now presenting a challenge to buyers.

Here are six tips to win a bidding war for your next home.. Moraru says while price is important, sellers want to know the buyer can finance the property and meet any other conditions. If you.

But in the case of a bidding war, you’ll want to go in armed with a certified check or money order already in hand. Not only that, but your deposit amount should be pretty beefy. In Toronto, that amount is usually within the 2% to 5% mark, but in the case of a multiple offer situation, more is obviously better.

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With low real estate inventory in many parts of the country, properties in some markets are receiving multiple offers and sparking bidding wars among eager buyers. National real estate brokerage Redfin reports that in March, 63.4 percent of offers submitted by Redfin agents across 19 markets faced competition

The bidding war for a home is not extinct. Bidding wars are cropping up in some parts of the country. While it’s a far cry from the heady days of the real estate bubble, the revival of the bidding war spells opportunity for sellers. "The housing market has been skipping along the bottom since 2007.

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If the area where you’re hoping to buy a home has low inventory and rising prices, you might encounter a bidding war. Here’s what you can do to gain an edge. 5 Tips to Win a Bidding War for Your.