Australia’s debt dilemma – a concern or a crisis?

The Reserve Bank is facing a dilemma. debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) terms, Australian households levered up from 116 per cent of GDP to 134 per cent over this very same time period. Some.

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Arguably, the debt Greece faces means that it is insolvent. It’s debt to GDP is so large that there is little chance Greece could pay off its debts from current tax revenue. Therefore, it will have to default on at least part of its debt and receive bailout funds. Example of Liquidity Crisis

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So the RBA’s dilemma is leave things as they are and "households having decided that they had borrowed too much, might cut back consumption sharply, hurting the overall economy and employment." – putting more pressure on wages and debt servicing. Cut rates and they risk people taking on more debt and inflate the property bubble even more.

South Korea’s inflation quickened to the fastest pace since March, Thailand’s held above 4 percent for a fourth month and a gauge of Australian prices exceeded the central bank’s target ceiling..

And our dividend payments to foreign owners of australian companies fell as the fall in coal and iron ore prices hit mining company profits. That’s nice. But while ever we have any deficit on the current account, our foreign debt will grow, and it already exceeds $1 trillion deficit.

AUSTRALIAS mounting federal government debt will be 1 trillion by 2037 if urgent action is not taken to rein in the federal budget.. Australia’s debt crisis is a staggering $1 trillion nightmare.

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For a minority, a substantial minority, there is a crisis, and my concern is that we make sure we match any solutions that we create to those who are actually in crisis and not the majority who are.

Australia’s foreign debt problem. Last month, MacroBusiness published an article with several interesting charts showing the level of Australia’s net foreign debt – debt owed by individuals, households, corporates and the government to creditors outside of Australia.

Australia is in crisis. Not economically – despite slowing growth, the domestic outlook is still one to which nearly all other major economies can only aspire. As one senior diplomat put it last.

The predictor of virtually every major financial crisis during the last 200. private-sector – household and business – debt. Indeed, in a May 20 speech, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell.