China’s Economic “Super-Weapon” Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters

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 · China’s Great Dam Boom: A Major Assault on Its Rivers China is engaged in a push to build hydroelectric dams on a scale unprecedented in human history. While being touted for producing lower-emission electricity, these massive dam projects are wreaking havoc on river systems across China and Southeast Asia.

How China Wins Trade War Economics / Protectionism Jun 03, 2019 – 05:07 PM GMT. By: Richard_Mills The trade feud between the US and China has deteriorated into trench warfare, with tariffs used as.

China controls most of the rare-earth minerals in the world. China actually tried to use this as a cudgel in a dispute with Japan, and it simply resulted in Japan finding new sources, which became readily available because it increased the prices of rare-earth metals and made mines that had been closed down temporarily profitable.

At a super-secret security base-CFB Suffield-located in southern Alberta, Canada, area reports indicate that high level engineers, physicists and military scientists are DRDC Suffield is the lead facility for all of Canada’s engineering and weapons systems R&D. The EPFCG – a star wars super weapon.

As president of China, Xi Jinping as helped the country become an economic and military superpower. He has used his ever-increasing authority to squash He not only has a military at his beck and call and a secret police at his disposal, he also has a powerful economic super-weapon that they do not.

FAST FIVE: China’s Economic "Super-Weapon" Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters. Published by on May 21, 2019. Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank Earth With nationalism to the fore, for a change, talk of a "people’s war", and with China telling the US it has "unwavering resolve.

The Gold Report: There will be a Casey Research Summit on “Navigating the Politicized Economy” in Carlsbad. TGR: How much will Europe play into this? It seems its governments are, at least.

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Our new super weapon That said, our newest weapon in the battle of military might isn’t even a line item in our massive defense budget. Instead, it’s the enormous oil and gas reserves we’ve unlocked thanks to the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.

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Odd about the trade talks with China is the failure, so it seems, of so many to see what’s really going on. Economists think it’s an economic battle (it’s not), while political analysts (e.g.