Cities & States That Will Pay You to Move There

Finally, home buyers are also offered low-interest rates and assistance with paying state’s taxes. Yukon, fifth place on the list of 10 cities and countries that will pay you to move there, runs.

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Today we present you 10 cities and countries that will pay you to move there.However, before proceeding, we need to make one thing clear – only one place on this list is actually giving cash to.

The initiative in Tulsa is the latest effort to persuade people to move to smaller cities. unemployment rate there is 3.9 percent. To encourage residents to plant even deeper roots, families could.

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The Bottom Line. While the fact that a place will pay you to move there might seem like reason enough to pack your bags immediately, there are a lot of factors to consider. For instance, the state of Alaska will pay you to live there but the cost of living in the state is notably high.

Preparing will help you get past that unfamiliarity of a new city. Whether you are looking to move to Denver or Denmark, there are a lot of things. If the lease starts before you move you may find yourself paying double rent for a month or two.. When finding a job out of state, you need to be prepared for phone interviews.

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Luckily, there are places on this planet that would be thrilled to have you as their citizen, to the point that most companies will pay you for the move! Here are a few. 1.

Some struggling towns will actually pay you to relocate, offering incentives such as help with student loans, down payment grants, and rental assistance. The programs benefit both cities and the.

"I think there are a lot of cities in the nation, like Tulsa, where there’s an opportunity to build something. If you’ve always dreamed. Vermont will pay 100 people up to $10,000 to move to the.

Curtis, nebraska. tiny curtis, Nebraska, (population 922) may not give you money for moving there, but they will give you something else: A free plot of land on a nine-hole golf course. The Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course is "one of the best public nine hole courses in the state," according to the city.

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