Creepy landlord filmed female student on the toilet with secret bathroom camera

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A vile voyeur who recorded his female tenant using the toilet with a secret bathroom camera has walked free from court. A judge branded creepy landlord Paul Potter "horrible" and "disgusting.

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Man caught on his own secret spy camera as he installed it in ladies’ toilet cubicle. The balding man in his fifties, wearing glasses, blue jeans and a stripped shirt, was caught on his own gadget

Restaurant Employee Filmed Female Diners Using the Bathroom With hidden cell phone.. restaurant employee filmed Female Diners Using the Bathroom With Hidden Cell. While on the toilet,

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College student finds hidden camera in apartment bathroom. Posted 3:13 pm, May 31, 2017, by CNN wire.. john christopher never could have imagined what they’d find hidden in the bathroom.

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A creepy landlord put a secret camera in a bathroom to film a female tenant using the toilet and washing herself. The suspicious student was horrified to find the device and discover indecent.