Good debt versus bad debt

Good debt can help you achieve your goals, and bad debt can prevent them from happening. Here's how to tell the difference between the two.

It’s funny how people use words. Qualifying for credit is seen as a good thing. Being in debt is seen as a bad thing. The truth is, they amount to much the same thing – borrowing money to spread expenses over a longer period of time. But is such borrowing a wise financial move? Think of debt as.

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Good debt versus bad debt. Before you borrow money, it’s worth knowing the difference between good debt and bad debt. Some things are worth going into debt for, others can leave you in a big financial mess. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Learn the differences between good and bad debt and how to manage both for the best possible outcomes.

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Well, good debt benefits your financial future, while bad debt harms it. And luckily , what you're buying often makes that distinction clear.

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The most important consideration when buying on credit or taking out a loan is whether the debt incurred is good debt or bad debt. Good debt is an investment that will grow in value or generate long-term income. Taking out student loans to pay for a college education is the perfect example of good debt.

Of course, if mishandled, debt can become a serious burden on your future. But if you understand the difference between good and bad debt, you can take advantage of the opportunities that good debt can provide and avoid the pitfalls that may come with bad debt.

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There is a difference between "good" debt and "bad" debt. "Bad" debt is used to purchase things that do not produce more money. "Good" debt makes money by being invested in assets that produce income.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt. Attributes of good debt include: Reasonable expectation of lasting benefit from your purchase. repayment terms that are fair and affordable. By contrast, bad debt can encompass: Borrowing for purchases that don’t have lasting value, or that become money-sinks.

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