Home loan arrears on the rise, particularly in WA and the NT

3 18 September 2017 RMBS – Australia : Mortgage delinquency map: home loan arrears rise to five-year high MOODY’S INVESTORS SERVICE STRUCTURED FINANCE Exhibit 3

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 · HOME loan arrears have hit a five-year high, with Queensland and Western Australia in the crosshairs, the latest Moody’s Investors Service report has found. Moody’s vice president and senior analyst Alena Chen said regions with exposure to the resource and mining sectors dominated the list of areas with the highest delinquencies in May 2017.

Oat Hill No.1 (Capital Home Loans – CHL) This deal also continues to perform in line with expectations. prepayments remain stable, and longer term arrears falling slightly with just 36 loans from over 4,000 more than three months in arrears at the end of May, with an arrears value of just £111k from a pool of £517m of loans.

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S&P global ratings calculates the SPIN for prime and nonconforming residential mortgage loans. Home loan arrears normally start to rise toward the end of Q4 and remain elevated until the end of Q1.

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 · Western Australia is driving a nationwide rise in Aussies falling behind on home loan repayments. The percentage of home loans in arrears has surged 40 per cent in WA.

Download Home loan arrears on the rise, particularly in WA and the NT (1.26 MB) Download 1.26 MB The number of mortgages in arrears is rising across the country, but the problem is worst in.

WA is leading a nationwide rise in Aussies falling behind in their home-loan repayments. Some 1.15 per cent of Australian mortgages were more than 30 days in arrears last December, compared 1.14 per cent the previous quarter, Standard & Poor’s figures show.

 · There were 3.99 per cent of home loans in arrears in the area in the December quarter, compared with Victoria’s 1.08 per cent – a rise from 0.99 per cent a year ago.