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Nantes, France-based Baluchon created this tiny house with a unique layout featuring an elevated living area above a short guest bedroom. . Read it. Odyssee by Baluchon – Tiny Living. Tiny Living, Living Room, Living Area, Cottage Living, tiny house loft, Tiny House With Stairs, Tiny House 3 Bedroom, Tiny House Family, Tiny House Nation.

A flower box tops the entrance to the Intrpide tiny home. Baluchon recently completed the Intrpide as a bespoke tiny home for a couple and their dog. Tiny house fits lots of living space.

 · The Ostara is possibly one of our new favorite tiny houses and you’ll see why soon! The bright and open home was designed for a horse farm located in Toulouse, France and was built by Baluchon builders. Named after a local stable, the home is so beautiful that even the horses on the farm stop by to admire it on a regular basis.

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Freedom-First Living. Based in Portland Oregon, Tiny Heirloom is recognized as the world’s leader in custom tiny homes. By relentlessly pursuing perfection we’ve continued to set a higher standard and challenged the impossible’ while creating tiny homes that.

1/25 Ostara tiny house by Baluchon. French rustic charms and modern luxuries come together in this beautiful tiny home on wheels. France’s tiny house company Baluchon has outdone themselves.

This is one couple’s Intrepide Tiny Home on Wheels by Baluchon in France.. When you step inside, you’ll find a built-in desk and a couch in the living area, a staircase to the loft, a full kitchen, and a full bathroom with a combo washer/dryer unit.. Please don’t miss other interesting tiny homes – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter!

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Baluchon, the French builder of many reader-favoroite tiny homes, has just unvieled its newest model and it’s stunning! The home is named The Ostara for a local stable in the home’s new town of Toulouse.It’s parked on a horse farm where the owners’ horses enjoying coming up to admire themselves in the home’s reflective bay window.