Money Matters: Two things that new parents should not put off…but usually do

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There are countless things to consider and evaluate when you are going to become parents. In addition to all of the new furniture purchases, college planning, budget changes, and baby-proofing, there.

These are arguably the two most important financial planning topics for new parents to be on top of, but they are also the two things that people tend to ignore or put off until a later date.

Because children are financially dependent on their parents, parents should carry life insurance to cover the costs of raising their children in the event of a parent’s death. The estimated cost of raising a child from birth to 18 is $245,000, so it is reasonable for each parent to carry a policy of $100,000-$250,000 per child.

Many people do not invest in 401K plans or other retirement plans-even though they are not broke, and could afford to put money aside. One explanation for this is the fact that people tend to engage in ____ when making decisions about how to manage their money. a. reactance b. the Zeigarnik effect c. risk aversion d. temporal discounting

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