Move to cut is a sudden and significant shift from the RBA

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When the pay cut is a response to some protected activity. For instance, if you complain that your boss is sexually harassing you, and then your pay is cut, that is called retaliation and it is illegal. When the pay cut is discriminatory. If all men get a pay cut, but no women, that’s illegal.

This is a significant shift from the RBA. Previously, Lowe had stated that he believed the next move in the cash rate was likely to be higher, although not in the near-term. As seen in the RBA’s February Monetary Policy Statement released on Tuesday , Lowe suggested that downside risks for the economy had increased in recent months.

have had a significant influence on CPI inflation over the past decade, particularly following movements in the exchange rate. To help understand the drivers of inflation for retail goods, this article sets out the major costs and margins involved in supplying retail goods to consumers.

Identify which of the other points on the diagram-points B, C, D, or E-could represent a new long-run equilibrium after the described events take place and move the economy away from point A a. Significant productivity improvements occur, and the quantity of money in circulation increases.

PR pariah: How ANZ’s CEO Shayne Elliott shot himself in the foot Carlie Dodds, 22 years old, wants the government to spend money on youth homelessness and mental health. Credit: Jamila Toderas An extra 80,000 apprenticeships have been promised as part of a $525 million skills package for young workers, with $8000 cash incentives for employers and $2000 for new apprentices.

The Reserve Bank has cut key economic forecasts as risks to the Australian and global economies increase. reserve Bank cuts forecasts as fears grow over housing Skip to sections navigation Skip to.

In these incidences, a currency’s price will shift dramatically followed by a swift reversal, along with a sudden and significant widening of the spread. helping banks to cut costs and boost the.

Demand-pull inflation arises during full employment through an increase in aggregate demand such as a tax cut or an increase in government expenditure. Cost-push inflation arises through factors which shift the aggregate supply curve to the left, such as a rise in the price of oil or a sudden fall in the value of the Australian dollar.

So what explains the sudden. s wrong to move straight from talking about automation to the need for a basic income, without talking about what is happening in the workplace and how we address that.

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