President Kamala Harris? She’s making the first moves.

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If Kamala Harris becomes the next imperial president, she will violate the Constitution and move to confiscate the firearms of her political enemies. "Where Congress fails to act, then it is incumbent upon the executive branch of government to act. I’m prepared to act through executive action, and let

"I am supporting Kamala Harris, she is an excellent candidate," said Fudge "I think there is no one better to make the case against 45 than Kamala Harris. So, I’m excited about it. I do think she is a person that has the kind of energy, and she’s a new fresh face. She’s someone when people meet her people like her."

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Kamala Harris Is Starting To Make The Right Moves For 2020.. Art by Jesse Mechanic A few months back, most of the coverage surrounding Kamala Harris (D-Ca.). But it’s so early and she hasn’t said anything about running for president.)

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She’s making the first moves May 9, 2017 Now’s the time prospective presidential candidates start taking the subtle but crucial behind-the-scenes steps that get them noticed by the political intelligentsia, and Sen. Kamala Harris is quietly following the script.

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Skip to comments. President Kamala Harris? She’s making the first moves [black female Freshman Senator. Like Obama] McClatchy ^ | 5/9/17 | Sean Cockerham Posted on 05/09/2017 12:36:14 PM PDT by SoFloFreeper..The California Democrat, sworn into office four months ago, insists she’s not thinking about a run for president.

Electing a woman president fills a category. Electing a black woman president creates a category, white woman president, that begs to be filled. That is why Kamala Harris, should she make it, will be the first straight black woman president. 5/11/19, 8:05 AM

The 2020 presidential campaign of Kamala Harris, the junior United States Senator from California, officially began on January 21, 2019. She has been considered a high profile candidate for the 2020 democratic party presidential primaries since 2016.