RBS in sight of sub-prime settlement

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At least an end to that nightmare is in sight, as a deadline has been set for claims to be made. That £200m is a drop in the RBS ocean compared with the. There have been fines and penalties and.

 · A subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland will pay $52 million for its role in the state’s “subprime mortgage meltdown,” Attorney General Martha Coakley said today, in an agreement that will help more than 700 Massachusetts borrowers. RBS Financial Products Inc. agreed to the settlement following claims that it financed, bought and bundled residential mortgage loans into securities.

The settlement resolves claims against RBS in FHFA v. Ally Financial Inc. in the Southern District of New York, alleging violations of federal and state securities laws in connection with private-label mortgage-backed securities purchased by Freddie Mac during 2005-2007.

Financial Impact of the FHFA settlement. As at end Q1 2017, RBS held a provision of US$8.3 billion (6.6 billion) against RMBS, of which $4.55 billion (3.6 billion) related to FHFA and the remainder principally relates to a number of the matters described below.

Business. US growth storms ahead as hurricanes blow over. james dean, Tom Knowles. RBS in sight of sub-prime settlement. Katherine Griffiths, Banking Editor. Sants agrees to be quizzed in open.

 · RBS, which would not comment on the payment, lost £545 million in investments on Goldman’s sub-prime mortgage portfolio named Abacus, which is at the heart of the fraud allegations. The bank’s involvement came after it acquired ABN Amro, which had insured a.

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Royal Bank of Scotland may have to pay a larger fine than expected to the US Department of Justice over its sale of sub-prime mortgages.However, Ross McEwan, RBS in sight of sub-prime settlement.

More than $40.2 million of the money will go toward principal reduction and related relief for more than 700 subprime borrowers in the state who received subprime loans securitized by RBS in 2006.

RBS, the Final Judgment ordered RBS to disgorge $80,352,639, together with prejudgment interest of $25,190,552, and pay a civil penalty of $48,211,583. The SEC did not follow up with further administrative action, nor did it require RBS to engage in any undertakings with respect to its business. III. Background Information about RBS

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