Retirement is coming. Here’s how to compound your wealth fast

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The more you’re able to take advantage of compounding, the more wealth you stand to accumulate. Here’s an Easy Way to estimate compound interest — The Motley Fool Latest Stock Picks

Instead, you just start today by adopting one habit that serves your wealth goals. Here are some potential starting points: Sign up for an automatic savings program. Opt-in to your company 401(k) (if they offer it). Prepay a small amount on your mortgage. Find an unnecessary expense and eliminate it.

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Even if it's mid-to-late twenties, compound interest can work for you no matter now little. Many of us have seen these numbers and say, 'I will start next paycheck,' or 'I will. Financial advisors, wealthy people, and probably your parents understand this. However, as life goes on, retirement can quickly catch up to you.

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So now you know that compound interest is the lazy man’s way to earn money. You also know when starting out, you need to focus on saving as much money as you can. Then you need to focus on the interest rate you earn. We are now going to put everything into action.

At the end of the day, compound interest is your best friend. It grows your money faster than simple interest and is truly a passive way to grow your wealth so don’t look at low interest rates as a reason not to save your money. Remember that as you save more money, the interest you earn will continue to grow larger and larger.

Compound interest and compounding returns are an incredible phenomenon that can allow your savings to grow to levels beyond anything you could ever acquire on your own. But in order to put that power to work for you, you have to keep two things in mind: 1) Start saving as early as possible and 2) save as much as you can, especially early on.

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