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The point is this, there is a great deal of flexibility today to design a product best suited for an individual’s or couple’s needs and wants. In fact, if desirable, one can make monthly payments as on a home equity line of credit or mortgage. Keep in mind that monthly mortgage payments are not required. Insured and Guaranteed by the USA

RMD Report: Alternative Equity Tools Could Bode Well for. – 1 hour ago Reiterating why the presence of these companies can likely be viewed as positive for the reverse mortgage industry, Milano reiterated at the NRMLA Eastern Regional Meeting the fact that many of the alternative equity tapping products out in the market don’t have an age.

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RMD Report: Alternative Equity Tools Could Bode Well for Reverse Mortgage Industry – "Products like these would certainly work for an elderly person, couple or household, but there are no age. reverse mortgages to allow some service for potential borrowers who may fall through the.

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RMD Report: Alternative Equity Tools Could Bode Well for Reverse Mortgage Industry – That second type of consumer needs to first acquire the home in order to tap into its equity, Brodsky said. "The creative juice between [reverse mortgages and alternative products] is liberating the. Home Equity Loan VS. Line of Credit VS. Reverse Mortgage.

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RMD Report: Alternative Equity Tools Could Bode Well for Reverse Mortgage Industry – However, while Sullivan may see that QuantmRE is a de facto competitor with companies offering reverse. company had actually paid for referrals from forward and reverse mortgage lenders. "Loan.

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This Is Outrageous But first, I want to direct the attention of those in the US finance industry to a white paper written by Themis Trading, called "Toxic Equity. First, it is well-known that the.