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Tesco (LSE: TSCO) has now been struggling for years to turn its core business around and return to growth, without much success. But after reporting a 260m profit overstatement earlier this year.

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Tesco Bank is to start offering mortgage deals from Monday. Some of its deals aim to attract those who regularly shop at Tesco, as shoppers with Tesco Clubcards will receive a point for every 4.

Tesco have revamped its lunchtime meal deal to include new sandwiches and snacks The UK’s biggest supermarket has added some posh sarnies and snacks to its meal deal range as it tried to rival.

Refresh this page for the latest news by clicking on the daily business titlepiece ‘;. Tesco’s mortgage rethink + restaurants off the menu. Is tesco bank wise to reverse Benny Higgins’ strategy? And Jamie’s closures are a warning for Edinburgh, writes TERRY MURDEN

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Who Owns Tesco? Home Business & Finance Corporations. Who Owns Tesco? Tesco is a publicly held company based in the United Kingdom. It is owned by the shareholders that own its stock. Tesco shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSCO.

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M&S store closures and tesco banking data breach dominate the business news headlines After six months in charge of M&S, new boss, Steve Rowe, is back in the headlines this month. He announced another fall in profits at the retailer with like-for-like sales down 5.9 per cent in its clothing.

The meal deal at Tesco’s lets you choose between a salad or a sandwich, snack and a drink for 3. The list of sandwiches are longer than my arm so we shan’t list them here, but we would advice you pop into your local Tesco’s because with the amount on offer you’d be mad to not find at least one thing you like.

Tesco is relaunching its Finest range to ‘put food back at the heart of the business’ as it tries to improve quality perceptions and boost customer engagement with its food. The supermarket has spent tens of millions of pounds revamping both the products and packaging in its premium food range.