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Anger, frustration, grief and guilt were a big part of this weekend. Which is why this article “Convert your guilt into gratitude” from friend and colleague Rachel Hiles of Taking Care of Grandma struck me and made such an impact. “After all, this is only temporary.There will be a day when my life and routine won’t be dictated by caregiving.

Those Who are Grieving ONE ON ONE SUPPORT Gifts, flowers, condolence cards, meals and donations received Funeral arrangements, insurance forms and bills, cleaning and laundry, running errands supply paper goods FOOD/SHOPPING KEEP A RECORD OF HELP WITH BE A BUFFER CHILDCARE Create a meal schedule, shop for groceries, drop off a kid-friendly meal,

Steve Keen. data on climate change (1): Nordhaus's 1994 survey of “experts” Patreon (chuck l).. I see it as going through stages of grief.

Drug Prices Soon to be Part of Advertising in swamp draining measure investors seek safety in bonds, alarming U.S. markets that a recession may be in the offing Therapy for grieving Australian progressives | Prof Steve Keen on Patreon Thinking Of Opening A New Business? Be Sure To Explore OZs For Your HQ Cover Story: Virginia Is business.

Steve Keen · @ProfSteveKeen. Sutton, London. embed tweet. therapy for grieving Australian progressives.

Steve Keen considers whether a financial crisis is inevitable. Prof Steve Keen is creating realistic economics for the post-crash world | Patreon.

consumer spending leads employment – but what leads consumer spending? One relationship I have consistently flogged for the past decade is that consumer spending leads employment. That’s still true. Here is one of the graphs on that score going back over 50 years, the YoY% change, averaged quarterly, in real aggregate payrolls (blue) vs. real retail sales (red): 1965-90: 1991-2019: It is.

UK house prices grow at fastest rate for two years despite uncertainty – CityAM House sellers across the UK get about £10,000. their original listing price cut. The difference between final listed asking prices and agreed sale figures has increased from 2.8 per cent to 3.3 per.

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Parts of Ontario’s housing market are down 30%, two years after new rules to cool it down In addition, they must obtain housing counseling from an agency approved by the Department of Housing and urban development. borrowers generally are not eligible for a new FHA loan until three years.