This house may not have building regulations consent – does it matter?

november 21 2012 Hannah Carey Know your building regulations when buying or selling property Hannah Carey, head of the conveyancing team at Midland law firm Wright Hassall, stresses how important it is to be aware of building regulations when buying or selling a property. "Specialist knowledge of building regulations and their enforcement is an essential part of transferring a home.

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If I’m buying a house built before the building regs were introduced, no part of it will have building regs approval. If the loft conversion was done in the late 1980s, the building regs were in force (I think they were introduced in 1984) but my uninformed inexpert gut feeling would be that the chance of enforcement action is nil.

A guIde to BuIldIng work thAt doeS not requIre A BuIldIng consent 5 repairs, mAIntenAnce And replAcement guIdAnce exemption (a) of Schedule 1 A building consent is not required for the following building work: (a) any lawful repair and maintenance using comparable materials, or replacement with a comparable component

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a) The best solution for you may be to ask the seller to apply for retrospective building regulation consent from the Local Authority. A building inspector will need to come out to the property to inspect the work and if they are satisfied that it complies with Building Regulations they will issue a "Regularisation Certificate".

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If you’re doing ‘low-risk’ building work, it may be exempt under the Building Act. Some basic building work, such as laying a patio or installing kitchen cupboards, does not require a building consent. Most building work, however, does. Commercial and multi-unit building work will also need careful planning and may have additional requirements.

Process for completing building consents more than five years old 1. We will retrieve the building consent file. Some of the files may be stored off-site so this may take up to two days.. showed the house did not have a CCC.

If the works have been in place for some time but there is no completion certificate this does not mean the work is not up to standard, but it does mean the correct procedure was not followed. However, the building regulation officer would be unable to grant a certificate in retrospect because they have to inspect from the very beginning.