Will this building spark a rebirth on the south end of downtown Fort Worth?

The Carnegie Building is located at 421 west 3rd street in the Downtown Fort Worth neighborhood, TX, Fort Worth, 76102. The Class A Office building was completed in 2008 and features a total of 303,362 Sqft. There are 5 Office spaces available for lease at 421 West 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX, 76102, totaling 51,469 Sqft.

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Fort Worth’s Near Southside neighborhood is getting a new mixed-used apartment community in the spring of 2019. Called Mag & May , it will have 231 luxury apartment homes and 8,500 square feet of retail space, all located at 315 West Magnolia Ave.

"In order to fit into the community of Fort Worth, in my opinion, we would start by respecting the history of the architecture and how Fort Worth has operated all of these years," Campbell said, calling attention to the fact that the buildings taller than 10 stories in the Fort Worth skyline have no top of the building signage.

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An incredible concert hall given to Fort Worth by the Bass family. Plush, beautiful, perfect acoustics. Has hosted opera, the Van Cliburn competition, broadway shows, the Fort Worth symphony, pop singers, etc. A wonderful experiece in the heart of downtown Fort Worth. The cultural pride of Fort Worth.

new high-rise luxury living option could be coming to Fort Worth in about three years thanks to Southern Land Company. The 31-32 story addition to the Fort Worth skyline would be built on an "L-shaped" plot of land at 901 Commerce St. where a parking lot structure currently stands adjacent to the Billy Miner’s Building.

The tallest building in the city is the 40-story Burnett Plaza, which rises 567 feet (173 m) in Downtown Fort Worth and was completed in 1983. The second-tallest skyscraper in the city is the Bank of America Tower (formerly known as the D.R. Horton Tower) , which rises 547 feet (167 m).

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Projects. We are here to keep Downtown a great place for residents, businesses, and visitors – and do it while maintaining our city’s beauty and respecting its heritage. Click here to download a map of current and planned projects as of March 2018.

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