A first-time homebuyer’s guide to fixed vs. variable rate mortgages

Fixed vs. Variable Rates. As of December 1, 2016, the canadian federal government changed the debt ratio calcualtion rules for both Fixed and Variable Rate mortgages where the client’s debt ratios have to be within guidelines using the Bank Of Canada Qualifying Rate of 4.64%.

Mortgage interest rates continued their steady climb in the last week and reached the highest level since March 2017, Freddie Mac’s latest Primary. Last week was also the first time that interest.

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I am a first time home buyer and need a mortgage. The house I’m going to buy will cost about $400,000 and I am putting 10% down. My bank has offered me a 3.09% fixed rate, if I lock in for 5 years.

Over time, variable rates have outperformed fixed rates; however, the key advantage in our humble opinion is the penalty predictability. circumstances change for people over time and mortgage requirements evolve. Fixed Rate Vs. Variable Rate. There has been a lot of news in the media about rising rates again.

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We were first-time buyers and went with a variable mortgage on a fairly high LTV ratio, but we were comfortable, given our situation, in our ability to carry higher payments when rates rise. It was a nice surprise for things to go the other way, however (we started at 4.15% almost a year ago and are now at 1.65%, a savings of $360/month in our.

 · When we were looking to take on a mortgage in 2016, 5-year fixed mortgage rates were between 2.54 – 2.64%, while variable mortgage rates were between 2.25 and 2.35% – a spread of roughly 0.3.

First-time buyer figures see UK-wide rise in Q1: UK Finance The importance of cashback to FTBs when choosing their lender is on the rise according to RFi Group data, with Q1 2018 findings showing that 41% of FTBs find cashback a very important factor in their choice of lender, a 16% rise from Q2 2017. These figures highlight the fact that with the introduction of cashback incentives, lenders could see potential increases in its FTB customer base.

 · In this episode, we discuss fixed vs variable mortgage 2018 and which is better for a first time home buyer. Remember to get your FREE guide from the experts before buying your next home.

Homebuyer’s Guide; Your search results.. The FHA loan is a great option for most first-time home buyers, but it is good to explore all options to make the most educated decision.. Mortgage Interests Rates: Fixed vs. Variable.

Historically are a higher rate than a Variable rate; Going the fixed rate route is often popular for first time home buyers, clients who are rate sensitive and risk adverse and clients who like to stick to a monthly budget and don’t like their payments to fluctuate. What is a Variable Rate Mortgage?

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