A third of all empty homes in Europe are found in Spain

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Flats in Spain. Typical house in the suburbs of Spain. Flats in Spain are all the same. but they vary from north to south. Flats have triangular roofs so that the snow falls off easily. cite page typical houses in Northern Spain.

Most expensive homes in Spain found in Barcelona and Mallorca By thinkSPAIN Team Sun, Jun 12, 2011 cabo formentor in Mallorca and the Passeig de Grcia in Barcelona are Spain’s two most expensive places to buy a house, and among the top 15 most pricey in Europe, according to research by a German estate agency.

Spain: No country for old fascists. While no far-right party has managed to get a single lawmaker into the national parliament or any of the 17 regional assemblies in the past three decades, Spain looks to be as fertile ground for right-wing populism as any other country in Europe. It just seems to be awaiting a charismatic leader to upset the established order.

Last month a Guardian investigation revealed that a third of the mansions on. Most of Europe's empty homes are in Spain, which saw the biggest. more than 5,000 homes demanding they take "all possible actions to find.

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France home to two million empty properties. That mantle goes to Spain, which has 3.4 million vacant homes. italy is estimated to have 2.2 million empty properties and Germany has slightly fewer at 1.8 million. The UK has around 700,000 properties that could potentially be occupied but are instead lying empty.

Colder countries were found to have a lower rate of empty homes.. Urbanization process is managed without any citizen participation and it's. and the EU will prevent those ladrones to work in Spain or the rest of the EU.

Spain has the highest number of empty houses in Europe: 3.4million of them at a time when many are facing evictions for defaulting on their mortgages. House prices in Spain are also at an all-time low, according to Instituto Nacional de Estadstica (INE) numbers for December 2013. Empty Houses in Spain.