After a decade of excellence with the Miami Dolphins, Cameron Wake has a new home

Adam Gase On Limiting Cam Wake’s Snaps: "I Made A Mistake"Since arriving in Miami, head coach Adam Gase has been very popular with pretty much everyone he’s had to interact with. Cameron Wake Signs 2-Year Extension With DolphinsThe Miami Dolphins have signed defensive end Cameron Wake to a two-year contract extension.

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Nearly a decade after emerging from Canadian Football League and coming off two of his strongest seasons, Miami Dolphins All-Pro pass rusher Cameron Wake might see fewer snaps in 2018. "Could I.

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The Tennessee Titans are signing defensive end Cameron Wake. The former Dolphins pass rusher will get a three-year contract worth million, with $10 million guaranteed. As a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan growing up, this hurts to write. After a decade suiting up in South Beach, Cameron Wake will head to the Titans next season.

Defensive end Cameron Wake has to decide, along with the Miami Dolphins, if they can agree to a contract so he can play in 2019. And then there are decisions to be made about his role on the team.

Cameron Wake has spent years pouring his heart and soul into the efforts of a franchise that has been unable to help him reach the playoffs. So, why does Wake continue to help help out the Dolphins?

After his incredible years in Canada, Wake began to generate interest from 17 NFL teams and ultimately signed with the Miami Dolphins. Ever since coming to the Dolphins, Wake has been a Pro Bowl-caliber performer that has anchored their defense for a decade.

Miami Dolphins. Wake had a bounce-back season in 2016 after the Achilles injury in 2015. On December 17, 2016, Wake got his first career interception by picking off jets quarterback bryce Petty. He finished the season with 11.5 sacks, was named to his fifth Pro Bowl and was second-team All-Pro.

One of New England’s final five games will be a second meeting against Miami (4-7) in two weeks, a team that has now lost five straight overall and nine consecutive times in New England by a combined.

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Miami dolphins’ defensive End, Cameron Wake, talks to the media after practice at their training facility in Davie on Friday, December 28, 2018, in preparation for their last game of their last.