Bitcoin, a boat and book royalties: What assets do Spain’s top politicians hold?

Bitcoin, a boat and book royalties: What assets do Spain’s top politicians hold? By Daniele Grasso , Javier Casqueiro , Guiomar del Ser – Spain’s lower house of parliament, Congress, on Thursday published the asset declarations of lawmakers voted in at the April 28 general election.

 · Prins, who was a former top Wall Street banker, says, “We will eventually get a crash because, at some point, the amount of quantitative easing, or conjured money to buy assets out of the market to pump up the . . . financial system, will come to this head where even though these major central banks are continuing to dump money in.

XRP has proven a safe harbor during this week’s market downturn. Ripple’s strategic partnerships, technological advancements, and community enthusiasm have allowed the cryptocurrency to gain footing in the market, resulting in a stellar 2018 performance.. In the last seven days, the markets have plunged by 18 percent. Yet, XRP has fallen a modest 3.2 percent.

What’s Spanish for refund? Taxes in Spain are levied by national (federal), regional and local governments.Tax revenue in Spain stood at 36.3% of GDP in 2013. A wide range of taxes are levied on different sources, the most important ones being income tax, social security contributions, corporate tax, value added tax; some of them are applied at national level and others at national and regional levels.

Bitcoin, a boat and book royalties: What assets do Spain’s top politicians hold? spain 1mo spain’s far right leader slams Yair Netanyahu as ‘ignorant and frivolous’ Israel Spain 1mo

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While most stand for hours in ATM queues and jostle for cash, the virtual currency bitcoin has quietly gained substantial traction in India. The price of bitcoins has surpassed the $1,000 (Rs 68,000).

Kentuckians get $18 million in Bank of America mortgage settlement The settlement did not require states to spend the bulk of their share on housing, but that was the intent. While states have announced plans to use $977 million. by five large mortgage servicers;.Paul Manafort To Be Transferred To Rikers Island Because No Man Is Beyond The Reach Of The Deep State Let’s rephrase that Cy. No man is above the reach of the deep state. Dear Mr. Vance: We’ll remember this when the time comes for sentencing those convicted in the coup against President Trump. The post Paul Manafort To Be Transferred To Rikers Island Because No Man Is Beyond The Reach Of The Deep State appeared first on RedState.

PEDRO SNCHEZ: 16,666 for book royalties. acting prime Minister Pedro Snchez, of the Socialist Party (PSOE), made 96,391 in 2018. Of that amount, 16,666 was earned from the author rights to his book Manual de Supervivencia (or, Survival Guide). He owns two homes and two garages in Madrid with his wife, and has 40,470 in the bank and a pension plan of 104,091.

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