Existing Home Sales Tumble YoY For 14th Month – Worst Run Since Housing Crisis

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The QM Patch’s Impact on Affordable Housing "If we had to extend the QM patch, I would consider that to be a failure on the part of Washington regulators," he said. Risk inherent in lending to more leveraged borrowers may be exacerbated when they are buying in severely supply-constrained housing markets, as exist widely today.

Since the beginning of 2019, the market has risen sharply. That increase was not due to rising earnings and revenues, which have weakened, but rather from multiple expansion. In other words, investors are willing to pay higher prices for weaker earnings. The issue, of course, is that while it may not seem to matter in the short-term, valuations matter a lot in the long-run.

existing home sales Tumble YoY For 15th Month – Worst Run Since Housing crisis june 22nd, 2019 Jesus Christ After April’s disappointing drop in all segments of the home-sales data, existing home sales were expected to rebound (again) in May and surprised modestly to the upside.

Existing Home Sales Tumble YoY For 14th Month – Worst Run Since Housing Crisis.. in April, with the Northeast worst, down 4.5% MoM. Worse still, existing home sales are still down 4.4% year. the longest stretch since the housing crisis over a decade ago.but that’s probably nothing!! Tags.

How to make the best of another interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve With no major economic data being released ahead of the opening bell today, and Q2 earnings season now in the rearview mirror, all eyes turn to the Federal Reserve. case for moving [interest rates].Reserve Bank governor flags another rate cut as he hits out at the banks Previous Governors; legislation; mandate; functions. Philosophy; Banker and Advisor to Government; Management of the South African money and banking system; risk management. policy; governance structure; framework; risk Management and Compliance Department; Processes; Approach And Methodology ; Whistle-blowing@SARB; Reserve Bank Shares. Share.

Americans cut back their purchases of new homes in December as harsh winter weather dampened demand. The Commerce Department said Thursday that new-home sales skidded 9.3 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 625,000.. It was the biggest drop since August 2016.

News Link Housing Existing Home Sales Tumble YoY For 14th Month – Worst Run Since Housing Crisis 05-21-2019 https://www.zerohedge.com, By Tyler Durden . This 0.4% decline comes after existing home sales fell 4.9% MoM in March with a tumbling mortgage rate seemingly not affecting the secondary market.

Existing home sales tumbled 0.6% MoM (vs expectations of a 0.2% rise) and even worse, it’s off a downwardly revised May print of 0.7% MoM, with median home price hitting a record high 6k. This is the first 3-in-a-row decline for existing home sales since Jan 2014. Existing Home Sales SAAR is almost at its weakest since Jan 2016.

Non-bank lenders are on the rise and they’re charging massive rates of interest Unable to find a bank willing to give him a loan, and desperate to keep his business from going under, he turned to an unregulated non-bank lender that charged 60 per cent interest. Initially he was paying a so-called discount rate of 30 per cent.