Government shutdown is hurting rural people who can least stand it

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Government Shutdown and What it Means to the Average Citizen. The result would surely result in a government revenue surplus. That would be a big win for the American people. As for the borders, the Commander in Chief (The President) is in charge. If the left does not want border walls in the budget then deploy the military to our borders. This will do the same thing.

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People have paid a great deal of attention this past week to how the government shutdown has disappointed national-park visitors, closed monuments, and made it impossible to enter the Smithsonian.

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Yes I believe that it is very irresponsible for the government to be shutdown because of all the people who it’s hurting. such as some people who may now not make ends meet, like the rangers in the national forests giving you a friendly map or telling you not to go onto this trail or you’ll be eaten by a bear.

Trump knows more about bankruptcy than virtually any person on the planet and he has the art of the con down to a finely honed skill. The reason he needs the shutdown is so that he can prove to his base that he does not have tiny little hands. He.

Here’s what you need to know. Read More. According to the outlet, the effects of the shutdown will likely be less noticeable to citizens than its last shutdown, which occurred back in 2013.

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Last gop govt shutdown hurt real people-This One Could, Too. But they didn’t show the same concern during the 2013 shutdown, when, among the civilian workers furloughed from their jobs were those at military bases and operations in states such as Alabama, Delaware, Georgia Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota and Nevada.

Three indigenous guard members were killed and at least seven were injured. led strikes in Cauca shut down much of.

By Vi-An Nguyen @vian_nguyen. Congress, amid a stalemate over funding for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, will likely fail to pass a spending bill in time for Tuesday’s deadline, effectively shuttering many of the government’s services. The last government shutdown occurred in 1995 and 1996, and lasted for 21 days.