How you can take advantage of low mortgage rates

Take advantage of those low rates Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has warned Canadian banks about starting a mortgage war – but if you’re able and willing to buy right now, then low rates can be.

None of this means you should take your sweet time over taking advantage of today’s low rates. We’ve already seen how those experts who create mortgage rate forecasts often get them wrong.

For example, you might find a rate of 2.15% on a variable rate mortgage and a rate of 2.69% on a 5 year fixed. By taking a variable rate, you’re only getting a 0.54% benefit for taking that risk. Many things can change in 5 years but not if you lock in a low rate today.

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Take advantage of historically cheap mortgage rates. For example, shop around for the best rate you can get, but also look for borrower-friendly terms, such as no penalties for making extra payments. Get your credit score as high as possible, too, as that can also get you a lower rate.

But you may not have received a notice in the past because your interest rate was so low. can transfer money from another.

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Zwerling also advises his fellow reverse mortgage professionals to take advantage of the current climate while they can. “There’s an opportunity right now while interest rates are low, which can allow.

Trade wars, deficits, political gridlock, temporary shutdown bills, a housing downturn, relatively higher rates for the past 2 years, global economic uncertainty, Brexit fallout, corporate debt levels.

How to take advantage of low mortgage rates. The numbers, Carrick continues with the suggestion that if you decided to pocket this money for the next five years, your mortgage balance on renewal in 2017 would be roughly $239,087. However, if you opted to roll that extra $387 onto your principle each month, the balance at renewal would be $213,914 -.

If you have a 30-year mortgage, one of the ways you can benefit from the new low mortgage rates is by refinancing your home and switching to a 15-year mortgage. About 25 percent of new mortgage borrowers are choosing the 15-year mortgage for obvious reasons – they get a lower interest rate and they save a fortune by paying off their home in.