King of Diamonds strip club landlord hasn’t paid the mortgage since May, lawsuit says

But Leviev, 57, says he hasn’t been paid any profits since last September as the parties have attempted to reach a settlement agreement for a "complete corporate divorce." Leviev wants the court to prevent his colleagues from selling "highly mobile and not easily traceable" diamonds."

The landlord of the King of Diamonds strip club could be dealt a bad hand in court as it faces foreclosure on the property in northern Miami-Dade County. On Aug. 14, 17800 state road 9 lender LLC filed a foreclosure lawsuit against Brooklyn-based Kodrenyc LLC over a $5.3 million mortgage.

Owner Stoney Gray says business has been hog-wild since the Country-themed club’s New Year’s Eve opening and he’s working on opening a third club at an undisclosed location.

A lawsuit filed last week (and first reported by the South Florida business journal) accused the landlord, Brooklyn-based Kodrenyc, LLC, of not making payments on its $5.3 million mortgage since May.

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Everyone Is Panicking Over a Teenage "No ID" Party at King of Diamonds. The suit says the strip club’s landlord was first warned May 12 that it was defaulting on its mortgage. The plaintiff, a shell company called 17800 state Road 9 Lender LLC, is suing King of Diamonds’ landlords for breach of contract, mortgage foreclosure, and other claims.

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She may have built a reputation. pair were both given challenges from the club’s owner Jeremy Joseph, with Stephanie perhaps getting the raw end of the deal after she was asked to convince a punter.

Madigan’s Consumer Fraud Bureau has received 36 complaints against Diamond and the affiliated mortgage and home repair companies. Through today’s lawsuit, the Attorney General’s office seeks to permanently enjoin Diamond and all companies affiliated with him from operating in Illinois and to revoke any licenses that he or the companies hold.

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