Man raised money to send Marine families to Disney. He pocketed most of it, feds say

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Man raised money to send Marine families to Disney. He pocketed most of it, feds say; Amazon’s Ring videos from inside customers’ homes viewed in cybercrime hotbed: reports; Child found dead at Covina home after police encounter blood-spattered woman running in street; Woman cannot hear men’s voices due to rare hearing disorder

We heard how the man was yelling, and how he beat her. Finally I saw that he was holding her head in his hand, by the hair. And I heard how he threw her head on the ground.’ media reported suggested.

A man who falsely represented his. raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from Marine families and private donors under the pretense that all of the money would go to help send Marine families.

Marines & Mickey founder John Simpson was sentenced in federal court after pleading guilty to wire fraud. Simpson used his charity said to send Marine families to Disney World and used the money.

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Feds say the 43 year-old founder of the charity bilked people into donating money to help send Marines and families to Disney resorts and to cover the cost of attending boot camp graduation.. but court documents said he pocketed $391,000 for his own "personal use and enrichment.".

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He said the charity paid to send 41 marine families to Disney resorts and another 300 Marine families to boot camp graduations. "I am sorry," said Simpson, who pleaded guilty to a federal charge.

A mother who pocketed almost $150,000. how she was going to pay back the money she owes, she replied: ‘You don’t know, I am.’ She then called friends, saying: ‘They’re f***** harassing me in front.

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