Query: How does ‘democratic’ socialism work?

Socialism can work. This question must have at least crossed the minds of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, around the world as they watched the credit crunch, financial meltdown and recession unfold over the past few months. The problem, of course, is that for those same millions most of their conditioning – from politicians, media,

ALBANY – Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon considers herself a democratic socialist. “How do you fix taxes? You reduce costs. How do you reduce costs? You reduce expenses. And you go to work.

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This time, the Democratic. Stanton-King and her work through the American King Foundation at www.theakf.org.) The real.

If it couldn’t work in several larger nations over countless decades, why in the hell would it work in America, which is not only a fairly new country but the world superpower. That wasn’t done with collectivist socialism. It was done with individualist capitalism and voluntarism.

Witness the popular resurgence of this idea in today’s celebratory praise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s push for Democratic. property itself does not exist under socialism. Everyone under the.

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Democratic socialism means that this political reality-the abolition of capitalism -will be achieved and administered through democratic, as opposed to authoritarian, means.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Democratic Socialism: Definition, Nature, Methods and Tenets! Definition: In the simplest language democratic socialism means the blending of socialist and democratic methods together in order to build up an acceptable and viable political and economic structure. To put it in other words, to arrive at socialist goals through democratic means.

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The democratic socialist vision does not rest upon one sole tradition; it draws upon Marxism, religious and ethical socialism, feminism, and other theories that critique human domination. Nor does it contend that any laws of history preordain the achievement of socialism.

Socialism is a non-profit system in which people pay only for the cost of something, without paying extra to enrich a shareholder who didn’t actually do any work. Imagine replacing corporations with nonprofit cooperatives. The workers benefit, because they keep the money they receive for their labor.

By democratic socialism, I’m assuming you mean as opposed to socialism without the right to vote for president/prime minister and legislative representatives, or at least a repressive regime despite the right to vote.