Remortgaging on the rise to make most of low rates

For anyone looking at getting a fixed remortgage deal, the clock is ticking on the current choice of low-rate products.. Mortgage experts are warning that homeowners should take action fast. Rates for fixed remortgage deals and other products are expected to rise in the coming months.. The logic behind this advice is the imminent rise to the base rate by the Bank of England.

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We explain what remortgaging involves, why you might want to do it, and how. ( 3) You could switch to a fixed-rate mortgage and lock in a low interest rate for two to five years.. As you pay off more of your mortgage, your equity will increase.

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Make the most of your remortgaging opportunities. remortgage rates are currently being kept low, but for how long we don’t know. There could well be a period of financial instability ahead, as the true impact of the UK’s leave vote becomes apparent. Rates may begin to rise as lenders’ borrowing costs increase.

If you decide to remortgage, you could reduce monthly repayments, move from a variable rate deal to a fixed rate one, or even release equity in your property.

Remortgage now to grab a cheap fixed-rate deal. before they’re gone An expected interest rate rise means lenders are pulling their cheapest deals. We survey the best left on the market

Typically the best mortgage rates are available to those with an LTV of 60% or less – although even if it’s higher than this, that’s not to say you couldn’t still remortgage onto a better deal.

Offset top tips. Offset lender first direct has come up with five ways to make the most of your offset mortgage. In these times of economic uncertainty, rising inflation and seemingly ever increasing fuel prices the lender argues that an offset mortgage is a useful tool for homeowners to make the most of their money.

Remortgaging to a more competitive rate in these circumstances may make financial sense. Bear in mind that remortgaging is not cost-free. Your current mortgage may carry penalties or charges if you try to leave it early, plus there will probably be costs associated with the new deal, so factor all of this into your decision.