Republicans Spend More Than $4 Million At Trump Properties

"Republican-affiliated campaigns, committees and outside groups have spent more than $3 million at various Trump properties since just after the 2016 election through last month, with roughly $924,000 coming from the Republican National Committee," according to ABC news. goddard spent more than.

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Trump Hotel- 34 Catherine Downey-nofilter. and federal taxpayer spending at Trump properties and businesses in. national republican senate Committee, $ 9,171, 0.1%. found that more than $9.2 million in political spending, or more than. trump international Hotel Washington DC, $640,089, 4%.

Republican groups spent a little over $1 million at Trump properties in 2017.. to spend more than $1 million on event space and catering last year.. at Trump properties last year. And the.

 · New York Post. Share this: Facebook. we should remember how it came to be that a Democrat named Jon Ossoff managed to raise and spend more than $30 million in this House. As for Republicans.

 · (In 2018, the feds spent .173 trillion overall, meaning the border wall would amount to just 1/10th of 1 percent of current annual federal spending.) Indeed, these lawmakers have happily funded various projects over the years that cost far more than the border wall – and many of which had very questionable value.

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But golf courses in places where he lost the election saw a 4% fall in revenue. reported mid-2018 that “Republican political campaigns and U.S. government agencies have spent more than $16 million.

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 · In 2007, Trump estimated his net worth at more than $4 billion, which he called "a very conservative number.". of $7 billion with more than $250 million of cash, and very little debt. He is.

 · With people betrayed by what has happened to the GOP, I try to remember what it was that allowed this brand to be an acceptable loyal opposition. These folk need compassion more than ridicule; and they are more likely to admit that they cannot believe in these Republicans if they don’t think you are their taunting victor. I loved the list.

President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers have spent more than $1 million at Trump-branded properties for political and fundraising events during Trump’s first year in office, according to.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign this year continued big spending on lawyers, with more than 20 percent of all expenditures. The campaign has spent a total of some $4 million in legal.