Unexpired Lease Timebomb: new worries over sale fall-throughs

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A new term has entered the property lexicon. Determined not to have her chain fall through, she went to the vendors of the bigger house she wanted and asked for the equivalent percentage off. ‘They.

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KEYWORD "Unexpired Leases" – 1 RESULTS.. Unexpired Lease Timebomb: new worries over sale fall-throughs. A conveyancing body is calling on mortgage lenders to standardise their policies in respect of unexpired lease terms in order to. 12 June 2019 From: breaking news. Categories.

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A conveyancing body is calling on mortgage lenders to standardise their policies in respect of unexpired lease terms in order to cut fall-throughs. The Society of Licensed Conveyancers has accused some lenders of changing policies to require the period of unexpired leases to be 80 or even 90 years.

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 · Land registration has only been compulsory in Ireland in very recent years. In the 1800s it wasn’t necessary to register a transfer of ownership, and in any event all that was usually being passed on in most families was the unexpired portion of a lease, as.