What’s in a number? For Raiders’ Maurice Hurst, it’s very important. Here’s why

FILE – In this Oct. 28, 2017, file photo, michigan defensive lineman maurice Hurst (73) goes up against the Rutgers line during the first half of an NCAA college football game in Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Was Raiders’ Selection of maurice hurst ‘irresponsible’? That was the reaction of some around the NFL after Oakland took the standout former Michigan defensive tackle despite the discovery he has.

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The NFL team has identified land capable of accommodating 27,000 parking spaces within 1.5 miles of the stadium site, far more than the 16,250 required by Clark County for games and other events.

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For raiders’ maurice hurst, it’s very important. Here’s why The Fresno Bee; 5 questions heading into Raiders training camp Raiders Wire on MSN.com; Raiders’ Maurice Hurst: Does not practice.

Hurst was excused from the NFL Combine with a medical red flag. Its a heart condition that cam up during his freshman year at Michigan, so its not a surprise to Hurst, but it might hurt his stock. Hurst has since been cleared to play in the NFL and recently had a very good performance at Michigan’s pro day.

Ranking 2018 NFL draft interior defender prospects after Week 8 (1. Maurice Hurst, Michigan – Run defense snaps/run stops/run defense grade: 150/16/92.3: Either on top or in the top 10 of virtually every major statistical category, Hurst is playing at a class of his own right now, especially in term of his run defense.

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