Why Lyft, Uber and other ‘gig economy’ stocks are in trouble now

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Uber and Lyft are racing each other to go public. Here’s why. The ride-hailing apps filing for IPO will bring some much-needed transparency to the gig economy.

Every time I hop on an Uber or Lyft, I ask the driver how many hours he works, if that is his/her only job, if the economics of the offering work for him/her [.] I always wonder, are they doing this.

In a matter of only a few years, the ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft have gone from novel ideas to core pieces of the transportation fabric in cities around the globe. Now, both companies are going.

But while Lyft celebrated, hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers were on strike in protest of low wages and unsatisfactory working conditions on the other side of town.. the ride-sharing companies, which can't grant stock to their drivers. in the pockets of the participants in the gig economy labor market, but I.

(Both Uber and Lyft declined to comment to Vox for this story.) Their IPOs could also have major implications, as they will be the first companies in the so-called gig economy to go public; gallup estimates that 36 percent of the American workforce, or 57 million workers, now work in the gig economy. By sharing their closely held internal.

SAN FRANCISCO – Gig economy workers are increasingly ubiquitous, shuttling us to appointments and delivering our food while working for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and others. Thanks in large part to.

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MW UPDATE: Why Lyft, Uber and other ‘gig economy’ stocks are in trouble now By Jeff Reeves, MarketWatch Signs of economic slowdown spook ‘risk-off’ investors The "gig economy" is again in focus with another flashy IPO on the horizon.

. like Uber and Lyft do business: Are gig-economy workers really just. "Most gig-economy companies I know have very similar models,". Two other considerations included how much skill the work requires and the workers' potential for profit and loss.. Guess What Uber's Promising Now: Flying Cars.

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Jobs in the gig economy today are mostly at the low end of the labour market. be easily copied by rival firms. Uber and Lyft offer similar platforms, as do Deliveroo and Foodora. The platform model.

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These successes come as Uber and Lyft are dominating the market in California, transporting millions of passengers each month while taxi trips are dropping precipitously. Here are four reasons why..